Healthcare Projects

Health and well being of the society is an important and very neglected fact too. Our organization develops charitable healthcare centers, conducts health camps, hygiene, and healthy food awareness programs, female and child health awareness activities in and around Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India. 

Educational Programs

Education is a gift that can change one’s life forever. Our volunteers have weekend educational classes for adult workers, daily wagers, children living in slums. The education programs impart education on daily life usefulness through writing, reading, language training, smart phone operating, internet resources, etc. 

Old Age Help

Age is no barrier to living life. There are many who suffers miseries at the golden age. We are working on providing shelter, food, health, and a happy life for such people in Gurgaon. 

Programs for children

In cities, there are many children who suffer from health and education due to the parents are busy working for the livelihood. Our organization operates daycare educational, health care, and skill development programs for these children.

Women Empowerment

PMHMT volunteers work towards providing and creating resources for the Social, economic, educational, and physiological empowerment of females in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, India. 

Prakash Manchanda and Dr. Hemraj Memorial Trust ®

NGO in India

PMHMT is a registered NGO in Delhi, India. Formed for the community-driven activities to help underprivileged and differently-abled citizens of India. The trust’s registered head office is in Paschim Vihar, Delhi. The main area of project operation is in Gurgaon, Delhi – NCR, and India.  The programs are driven to help a cause that is related to health, education, female empowerment, and community relief work.

Our Projects

Dental Awareness in India

Healthy Smile for all....

 A fully functional and equipped dental hospital in Gurgaon for all dental treatments at a very subsidized cost. The clinic runs various educational programs for dentists, community activities to increase oral health awareness, free dental check-up camps, volunteer dental programs all over India.

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Health Education

Healthy Living for all....

Every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month our healthcare volunteers provide education for females and children living in villages of Zharsa, Kanhai, Nathpur, Sikenderpur, and slum areas in and around Gurgaon.  These programs impart basic hygiene education, cancer detection, and a healthy diet for pregnant females, etc.

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Old Age Care

Happy Twilight years for all....

PMHM Trust is developing an old age home for the homeless old people in Gurgaon. An Old Age Home provides shelter for about 30 people including old age, mentally challenged persons, widows. The Old Age Home is supported by a group of passionate community workers of PMHM Trust. The shelter provides accommodation, food, healthcare, self-help activities, and mostly happiness to live a life. 

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Women Empowerment

Lead Life Fullest for all....

PMHM Trust works for the empowerment of women living in the areas of slums and villages in and around Gurgaon. With self-help groups led by women leaders run programs to educate, create awareness, and economic empowerment for these females. Also, skill development and micro-entrepreneurship programs were developed and monitored to make them strong, independent,  and aware of their rights.

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