best ngo in India

Mission Statement 

“Bringing dental care facilities within reach for every individual & helping them to lead a healthy life free from dental diseases and pain”

Vision Statement

“Happy Smiles, healthier life free of dental pain”

What We Do

Our Approach 

Spread Love And Care


Our Inspiration

Prakash Manchanda

Prakash Manchanda

A man with tremendous caring nature and love, not only for his family but to everyone in society. He had taught us the true value of love and care in such a short time that he lived with us. He was admired and loved by all who came into contact with him; for his dedication to his family, resilience in the face of adversity, his sense of duty and gracefulness, in good times and bad. I had created this trust to carry forward the humane ethos he had passed upon us in heritage. 

Dr. Hemraj Patil

A very dear friend who had spent a short time with us and left a large void that can’t be filled. Although, there are many wonderful memories that we had cherished and are nonfading through the years. A dentist by profession, always smiling, warm-hearted, and always ready to help anyone. We make it a point to help and treat every dental patient at our centers with the same values.