Brief for a Free Dental Checkup Camp for Underprivileged Kids of Lifetree Foundation:

Objective: The main objective of this free dental checkup camp is to provide dental health services to underprivileged kids of Lifetree Foundation and promote awareness of oral hygiene among them.

Date and Time: The free dental checkup camp conducted on 20th February 2023 from Morning 9:30 to Afternoon 1:00.

Venue: Lifetree Foundation School, Block-Q, Block N, New Palam Vihar Phase I, Sector 110, Gurugram, had been selected as the venue for the dental checkup camp.

Target Audience: The target audience for the dental checkup camp is underprivileged kids of Lifetree Foundation who do not have access to regular dental health services.

Services Provided: The dental checkup camp provided the following services:

  1. Dental checkup and examination
  2. Oral hygiene instructions and education
  3. Basic dental treatments such as teeth cleaning, fluoride application, and oral prophylaxis.
  4. Referral for advanced dental treatment, if required.

Volunteers: We provided the services of the following volunteers for the successful execution of the dental checkup camp:

  1. Dentists
  2. Dental assistants
  3. Hygienists
  4. Administrative staff

Promotion: To promote the free dental checkup camp, we used the following channels:

  1. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  2. Flyers and posters in public places such as schools, hospitals, and community centers.
  3. Word of mouth through our network of volunteers and supporters.

Conclusion: The free dental checkup camp aims to promote dental health among underprivileged kids of Lifetree Foundation and provide them with the necessary dental care services. We hope to make a positive impact on the lives of these kids and contribute towards the overall health and wellbeing of the community.